Mozambique Safari Holidays



Rich in history yet ever changing, stunningly beautiful yet untamed, Mozambique is at once a country of diverse adventures and raw nature. Nowhere do all these elements converge better than on safari. Breathtaking in its scope and fascinating in its discoveries, Mozambique's safaris are unlike any others. Indeed, the range of attractions on safari is what makes the inimitable difference. From the observation of beautiful wild animals in their natural habitat on the Maputo Special Reserve safaris to the unparalleled delight of swimming with the sharks on an ocean safari, a Mozambique safari holiday encompasses it all.


Perhaps the most famous of all safari destinations in southern Africa, Gorongosa National Park features a wildlife sanctuary. Impalas, sable antelopes, waterbucks and even lions are among the intriguing animals likely to be sighted on a safari here. Offering two levels of safaris, the park appeals to both the pleasure seeker with a penchant for luxury, proffering opulent tents, as well as to the budget-minded, with a base camp for group safaris or mountain hiking safaris available. Although closed during the wet season of mid-December through mid-February, “Africa’s Lost Eden”, as National Geographic named Gorongosa, offers natural, unadorned Africa throughout the rest of the year. 

Ideal for the traveler seeking a wildlife odyssey, the Maputo Special Reserve offers a southern Mozambique safari experience in the most up close and personal way. Known for its elephants, ambling about gracefully, this location is actually home to an assortment of animals, including monkeys, hippos and crocodiles. Indeed, nothing rivals the view of these wonderful creatures, as they roam free on the Maputo Special Reserve. Adding to this untamed experience are the birds. A birdwatcher’s paradise, this holiday provides travelers with views of a wide variety of exquisite species throughout the safari. 

While water lovers can partake of Mozambique’s superlative beaches along the Indian Ocean, resplendent in their finery of palm trees and pristine sand, travelers with an affinity for aquatic treks will be drawn to the ocean safaris in the renowned Inhambane and Vilankulo regions. Exciting and daring, swimming with the whale sharks is only one part of the ocean safari in Mozambique, the whale shark capital of the world. The likelihood of encountering groups of dolphins along the way makes this swim truly unforgettable. Increasing the ocean safari experience even more are the opportunities for snorkeling as well as for diving into the reefs of Mozambique. Combined, these ocean activities provide an incomparable safari holiday. 

Meanwhile, rhino tracking is the central focus of safaris in Hlane Royal National Park. Under the direction of professional guides, travelers embark upon a search for rhino tracks, learning the characteristics of the tracks as they explore. Then, stepping out of the security of the safari vehicle, travelers follow the tracks until the rhino is discovered. A singular safari experience, it is an excursion that travelers will talk about for years to come.

While these are merely a few among many safari holidays that enthrall travelers to Mozambique, travelers also are enticed by myriad other points of interest as well. From the aforementioned strikingly beautiful beaches where sunbathers lounge and water sports hold sway; to lovely historic buildings dating back to the colonial era along Ilha de Moçambique, inviting exploration today; to dancing away the night with marrabenta music, a mélange of Mozambican dance rhythms and Polish folk music; Mozambique’s unique combination of contemporary and traditional treasures beckons to all.