Namibia Safari Holidays



From dramatic coastal deserts and vast game reserves to languid rivers and deep canyons, Namibia offers visitors a variety of unique destinations. Encompassing more than 300,000 square miles, this is one of Africa’s least populated countries where you’ll discover a proud people who gladly share their love for this remarkable land.


Desert by the Sea

Atlantic waves crash along the beaches of the Namib Desert as it stretches more than 1,200 miles along Namibia’s coast. This unusual expanse draws visitors with a mix of mythology and otherworldly landscapes. Wrecked ship hulls give testament to the aptly named northern Skeleton Coast, and the lore of its rugged history fascinates today’s explorers. Further south, the Namib-Naukluft National Park holds its place as the largest game reserve on the continent. At the heart of this arid terrain lies an area known as Sossusvlei where you'll find some of the highest dunes on earth. The incredible shades and shapes of these shifting sands are best viewed from an exciting flyover safari.


The Land of Dry Water

The dry terrain of northern Namibia recedes from its western desert into Etosha National Park where wild game gather around shimmering water sources in its immense salt pan region. This part of the country is called the Land of Dry Water, but it provides a collective oasis for lions, giraffes, jackals and zebras. You can count on endless hours of watching African buffalo and elephants as they go about their day. Wildebeest drink and bathe with warthogs, and Springbok and Gemsbuck antelope stay on constant alert for leopards and cheetahs. Covering more than 8,600 square miles, this famed reserve is one of Namibia’s best known and home to the endangered black rhinoceros. 


Safari by Houseboat

Imagine drifting along with the current of a great river while hippos splash and crocodiles slip from the banks into deep, cool water. Whether you take an afternoon canoe trip or spend several days exploring the Caprivi Strip, its tropical rivers offer up a wonderful mix of adventure and relaxation. The Linyanti, Chobe and Okavango meander through five reserves and national parks filled with lush landscapes and native villages. This panhandle area comprises Namibia’s northeastern border with 280 miles of calm waters, whirling rapids and breathtaking falls. As home to more than 450 species of Africa’s feathered creatures, it’s also a birdwatching paradise. 


Namibia’s Grand Canyon

Stretching more than 90 miles across the country’s far south, Fish River Canyon plunges to depths of more than 1,800 feet making it the second largest canyon in the world. This spectacular area beckons with unique treks through one of Africa’s most stunning geological wonders. The airborne view of this region is breathtaking, but rafting adventures at the river’s bed are just as enticing. Both the Fish River Canyon National Park and Gondwana Park teem with hardy wildlife, so enjoy watching mountain zebras and antelopes climbing the rocks while majestic raptors soar overhead. Indulge the end of an adventurous day in this meandering canyon with a relaxing soak in the healing mineral waters of its famous Ais-Ais hot springs.

With its desert beaches, magnificent rivers and stunning landscapes, Namibia is unlike any other African country. Bordered on the east by the vast Kalahari, it combines the mysteries of an arid world with lush, tropical settings. More than a dozen wild game reserves and parks offer visitors endless opportunities for unforgettable experiences. Let other travelers take the better-known paths while you explore this special part of a great continent.