Zanzibar Safari Holidays



Zanzibar, which is the proper name for a series of islands off the eastern coast of Tanzania, offers tourists the chance to enjoy exotic flora and fauna. While many people ultimately travel to the archipelago to go on a grand safari, the islands are also great for a relaxing beach holiday. The attractions themselves are plentiful, and tourists will find no shortage of wonderful activities to engage in.


Spices of All Kinds

Zanzibar has long been known as the Spice Island. Many tourists choose to learn how the world's most popular spices are grown and produced. The island, in fact, is famous for its nutmeg, ginger, cloves and cinnamon. The spice plantations are magnificently beautiful, and visitors can wander down the trails in relative peace and tranquility. In many instances, the laborers allow tourists to sample some of the exotic fruits that grow among the spice plants.


Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park

Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park is not to be missed. The wilderness is filled with animals and plants of all kinds, and the rainforest itself is positively overflowing with moisture. Both red colobus monkeys and Sykes monkeys can be spotted here. Bush babies, hyraxes, duikers and birds are also common. The reserve also has a pristine mangrove swamp that boasts dozens of different butterfly species. Dolphins and sharks are commonly found in the shallower waters of the bay. Because many of the rarest animals can only be spotted by experienced trackers, it is generally recommended that visitors procure a tour guide before they head to the park. The salt marsh near the coast is an especially superb site for spotting shorebirds.


Kidike Root Site

Pemba Island, which is part of the greater Zanzibar region, is home to the Kidike Root Site. This particular nature area is perfect for safari enthusiasts who are interested in the endangered Pemba flying fox. These critters, which are also known as fruit bats, are commonly found in the tops of undisturbed trees. Pemba Island also features cobras, crabs, tortoises, red-eyed doves and a number of other species that have been shaped by the whims of evolution.


Misali Island

Misali Island represents a non-traditional safari location that nevertheless begs to be explored in detail. Individuals will have the chance to see forest birds, nocturnal bats and vervet monkeys. The island is filled with nature trails that tourists can use to access remote forest areas that have remained undisturbed for eons. The nearby Pemba Channel Conservation Area protects rare fish and marine life.


Zanzibar's Gorgeous Beaches

The beaches of Zanzibar are to die for. The east coast of the island, in fact, is marked by lagoons, coral reefs and white-sand beaches that would not be out of place on a postcard. The ocean itself resembles the brilliant hues of a perfectly polished sapphire. Most people ultimately decide to head to the beaches between Nungwi and Kendwa. This area of the coastline is marked by elegant resorts that are located only a few hundred meters from the sea itself. The water deepens relatively rapidly, and visitors will be able to swim in the water at both high and low tide. The tiny island of Mnemba, which sits off the northeast coast, is another beautiful holiday location for people who are interested in seclusion and romance.


Something for Everyone

Zanzibar offers nature lovers a chance to spot some of the rarest creatures on the planet. Whether people are interested in marine life, terrestrial animals, beach holidays or cultural attractions, they'll surely enjoy this sparkling jewel in the Indian Ocean.